GEP release 1.7.2


The Geohazards DevOps team at Terradue is pleased to announce the release 1.7.2 of

Changes in this version:

New features:

  • [Improvements] Improve fluidity in user experience with a better management of the http web connections pools
  • [Control Panel] Add function to copy job
  • [Geobrowser] Added “Related Search” dropdown button on each feature popup
  • [Geobrowser] Added pagination to Data Package panel
  • [Geobrowser] Improved user awareness on search form parameter values kept across contexts

Fixed Bugs:

  • [Data Package] Visibility change of processing jobs and to share data packages not working
  • [GPOD] Gpod atom feed not loaded
  • [Geobrowser] IE11 Incompatibility
  • [Geobrowser] Impossible to drop the dataset in the input field
  • [Geobrowser] When one or more elements of the Features Basket is not available, the data package doesn’t work at all
  • [Geobrowser] Wrong handling of search error when geo:geom is incorrect
  • [Geobrowser] Sharing operation doesn’t work on Firefox
  • [Geobrowser] Public Job found but not listed
  • [Geobrowser] Error when deleting data package
  • [Geobrowser] Results not visible
  • [Portal] Resolve broken links to images on the ‘initiative’ page


  • [GSP] Remove extra volcanoes from the GSP VO-02 layer

Have fun!