GEP Release 1.7


The Geohazards DevOps team at Terradue is pleased to announce the release 1.7 of

Changes in this version:

New features:

  • [Profile] New User Profile tab with GEP URF template and URF submittal guidance
  • [Profile] New “Profile” tab for all user levels
  • [Profile] User profile page for Cloud Resources
  • [Geobrowser] Free text search - Help icon for all collections
  • [Geobrowser] Field options selector Improvement
  • [Geobrowser] Dynamic zoom out depending on the window size
  • [Geobrowser] Improved user awareness on search form parameter values applied within the EO Data context, when switching collections
  • [Geobrowser] Disables scrolling zoom while shift-clicking to browse through layers
  • [Geobrowser] Reordered priorities of elements in the Geobrowser Search Form
  • [Geobrowser] Reset to EO-Data after a Context switching
  • [Geobrowser] Close popup window for a product using the context menu (right click)
  • [Control Panel] When updating the GPOD WPS services list, set by default the visibility=false
  • [Control Panel] Give the ability to admins to clean users temporary data package
  • [Home Page] Add a discourse blog view inside the portal

Fixed Bugs:

  • [Sentinel1] Dates inconsistencies for S1 product corrected
  • [Geobrowser] Depending on your mouse position the position of the WPS services changes
  • [Geobrowser] WKT doesn’t work
  • [Home Page] Register link should point to EO SSO Account creation
  • [Geobrowser] When a new job is started the time shown on the screen is already “an hour ago”
  • [Geobrowser] Inconsistent info bubble location for layers in list
  • [SBAS S1A] “Unable to submit the job”


  • [InSAR-GMTSAR] Renamed Github repo InSAR-GMTSAR so to match the dcs naming template
  • [ROI_PAC 2 DORIS] Forked ROI_PAC 2 DORIS GitHub repo on Geohazards organization
  • [ InSAR-ROI_PAC] Renamed Github repo InSAR-ROI_PAC so to match the dcs naming template
  • [ DIAPASON S1] Forked DIAPASON S1 GitHub repo on Geohazards organization

Have fun!