CNR-IREA P-SBAS Sentinel-1 processing on-demand (1)

Hi Everybody,

I am new in this platform, I have a problem with CNR-IREA P-SBAS Sentinel-1 processing, I am getting this error


I tried different parameters such as more than 20 datasets and different reference points but I did not figure out yet. By the way, I already opened a ticket (waiting for result), maybe someone can help me with this problem until I got an answer from the Support team.


Dear Onur,

we are involving the Service Provider to analyse the failures of your P-SBAS jobs, and check if everything is correct in terms of inputs and parameters for the AOI you have in scope.
We’ll answer your ticket accordingly to the feedback from the Service Provider.

Best regards

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@onurkaraca87 Were you able to find a resolution to this problem? I have received similar Exception error messages for the failed runs, but unable to understand the failure. Did you get a reply from the support team regarding this?
Your input on how you resolved this problem might help improve the discussion forum here for future users.

@homa Hi Homa
I did not find any solution for this problem and still waiting for reply from support team, but for my study area VV polorazition gives this error, so could you please try VH polorization, VV polorazation does not give this error