Does anyone have access to do the interferogram of these earthquakes?

O n December 24, 2019, an earthquake of magnitude 6.0 was presented in the department of Meta, Colombia. First eartquake
This earthquake was felt in much of the country. Between December 24 and 25 there were more than 200 replicas in the area. However, in these two days only 5 foreshocks exceeded the magnitude of 4.0.All were superficial earthquakes within 10km.

I still do not have access to process the images in GEP, however Sotis Valkan has already processed the pair of descending images.
I want to know if someone who has access can process the ascending pair

POLYGON((-74.1357 3.2776,-73.8995 3.2776,-73.8995 3.5655,-74.1357 3.5655,-74.1357 3.2776))

Bper: 33m Btem: 12days

Bper: 22m Btemp: 12 days

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