GEP is now "", and entering new phase of sustainability


In the past few years, the European Space Agency (ESA) ran a set of R&D activities to create an ecosystem of interconnected Thematic Exploitation Platforms (TEPs) on European footing, in complementarity with the Earth Observation (EO) Ground segments approach.

Since 2015, the Geohazards TEP or “GEP” Consortium (Terradue, DLR EOC, TRE Altamira, CNR-IREA, INGV, CNRS/EOST, CNRS/ENS & CRL Lab) has been proactive in building and animating a user community enabled to share and collaborate on the platform, according to stable governance rules.

GEP is now entering a new phase of sustainability, with new funding and revenue models in place and more diversified.This will allow the PaaS and SaaS resources on the Platform to remain governed under the same set of values as defined initially: promote reuse, avoid vendor lock-in, contain costs, and ensure openness.

The GEP European footing also remains sustained, and as a first move towards the provisioning of an independent platform for the geohazards community, we have implemented a new set of user access endpoints.

First of all, we are now looking forward working with you under the new flag

For your convenience, the old domain address “” will still be redirected to the new domain for the next six months.

Together with the adoption of this new domain name, the platform is now equipped for user registration and authentication with its own Identity Provider, operated by the GEP consortium. Moreover, it comes with a robust identity federation capability. This will allow for the rapid onboarding of new user communities, and will pave the way for federating new organisations that are maintaining their own identity provider service (IdP), and are managing user communities interested to join the Platform.

As an example, users can continue to sign-in on GEP using their ESA EO account, via the related button available in the sign-in page (see screenshot below).

Finally, the GEP team also has a new email address connected to the new domain. To contact us, please address your inquiries to

Note: in some cases, a hard refresh of the browser cache will be required to access this new sign-in page.