JRC Global Surface Water dataset is available in HEP!

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre developed the JRC Global Surface Water dataset in the framework of the Copernicus Programme. This maps the location and temporal distribution of water surfaces at the global scale over the past 32 years and provides statistics on the extent and change of those water surfaces.

This dataset is used in the identification of the virtual stations for the FANFAR Water Level service

The landing page for the data access is here: https://global-surface-water.appspot.com/download

The dataset is provided as 10x10 degrees tiles and they’re available via a google storage e.g. https://storage.googleapis.com/global-surface-water/downloads2/occurrence/occurrence_10E_20N.tif

On HEP, this dataset can be added to Thematic Apps:

And exploited via Jupyter Notebooks:

or Ellip Workflows via the catalogue end points e.g. https://catalog.terradue.com/auxiliary-dataset/search?cat=jrcglobalsurfacewateroccurrence for the Global Surface Water Occurrences.

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