New release r1.3.3

On May 26th, 2015, we released a Platform upgrade for GEP, deployed in the frame of the Validation activities conducted by the European Space Agency with early adopters.

This Platform upgrade delivers several new functions, user interface improvements and community building assets.

Improved support to EO Processing Service integrators:

  • The Sentinel-1 Toolbox software is pre-packaged for auto-install on a Developer Cloud Sandbox of the Platform;

Extended EO processing capabilities:

  • New "StaMPS Permanent Scatterer" Processing Service available from the Portal;

Better user guidance for EO processing:

  • G-POD Processing job results can now be downloaded by registered users from each "Download" button of the Portal results table;
  • GMTSAR Processor users can now download processing results from the Portal (nota: this is always done through VPN connexion, as processing results live on the Platform's virtual machines);
  • Processor's data input are no longer limited to 50 products (the current catalogue results pagination size), and users can now drag&drop successive selections from the catalog results pages, leading to the capability for a processing job to ingest a massive input list.
  • The mandatory input parameters are highlighted on the user interface for each Processing Service;

We also fixed some user interaction issues, to improve the "job status" polling method and user interface for accessing processing jobs (my jobs / shared jobs), and to release users from browser cache flush operations after a release upgrade.

While the Platform is undergoing its Validation phase with registered early adopters, it is also opened to the general public for larger community building in the area of Geohazards. Community material is regularly contributed to the Portal. After the 7.8 magnitude earthquake over Nepal on 25th April 2015, a large number of data products were shared by the InSAR data processing community on the Portal.

Part of community building, we also added a new entry to the Portal's newsfeed, the AGU's Landslides Blog, and two new EO Processing Service tutorials to the Platform's online documentation, one tutorial for the StaMPS Permanent Scatterer Processing Service, and another for the the G-POD PF-ASAR Service.

Three months after the launch of the Validation phase, we already see a great community interest and usage of the Platform, that we will continue to encourage actively, with dedicated user support and technical improvements.