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Hi Everybody,

I am new member and trying to figure out How I can use this website efficiently?
I am doing master and working on SBAS method, nowadays I am using SarScape software and have been waiting my SBAS results for more than one month which is really painful for me.

Yesterday, I saw your website and really excited to part of your community. First of all, million thanks for creating website for user who want to learn InSAR,

My fist question is I wanted to fulfill “User Registration Form” but I think I need somebody permission to change .pdf file. How can I get this permission to fulfill the “User Registration Form”?

Secondly, after I send you back the “User Registration Form”, how can I access the “processing services”. What are requirements for involve your program to start SBAS processing?


Hi Onur, all,

as discussed together in the meantime, everything related to the GEP on-boarding process is documented on the portal’s section “Early adopters programme”:!early_adopters
That page includes the link to the User Registration Form (URF) tempate, to be downloaded and edited for candidate applications.

For new readers coming to this post, the User Registration Form is currently “Downloadable” in your preferred file format (do not try to edit it online), for edits on your computer and then it has to be emailed to us in order to apply.
There is a GEP Board review process for the acceptance of an application.

The current URF template file will be soon replaced by an online facilty, to manage the full process of submission, review and on-boarding notification.

Best regards

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