Using the Co-ReSyF Geoportal


The Co-ReSyF Geoportal is the main entry point for users that want to explore EO and non-EO coastal geospatial datasets, use those datasets in research applications that provide you with important information about coastal ecosystems, such as sea surface height, bathymetry or vessels and oil spill detection. If that’s your case, you can go to

Go there now and you can search for all Sentinel-1, 2 and 3 imagery, a broad catalogue of altimetry related missions and very-high resolution SAR and optical satellite data. If you don’t know much about those satellite missions or what they can be used for, you can perform searches based on the application you want to use and get only the results that are compatible with it. If you are a registered user, you will be able to use the multiple results of your data search to create a data package and run one of many applications available to you in the Geoportal.

Using those applications you can create your own time series of coastal sea surface height, derive bathymetry for coastal areas, detect vessels and oil spills or do a time series analysis to detect, for instance, sea thermal fronts. If you have any doubt about the parameters o use to run an application there are several support systems for you. Yo can either have the platform suggest parameters to you or go to the Expert Centre where you will find a full explanation of the application, its inputs, outputs and parameters. While your application processes the input data package, you can monitor its evolution through a dashboard that provides information on its status and any error/warning it outputs.

You can either download the outputs of your application runs or view them in the Geoportal, where you will be able, for instance, to change their viewing style in order to make it easier to see them together, provide info on a pixel value or view a spatial or temporal transect of data in graph form.

Enter the Co-ReSyF platform now to take advantage of its functionalities. If you have any doubt or you just want to share your experiences in the Geoportal please write a post in the topic of the Co-ReSyF User Forum.

Working with a Co-ReSyF user account