Working with a Co-ReSyF user account


For some “entry level” Co-ReSyF services, for example the catalog browse, a free access is available to any visitor of the Co-ReSyF Geoportal (no sign-in required). You can readily check it from here.

Nevertheless, for using the core and advanced functions of the Co-ReSyF Platform, such as the Cloud Computing services operated for Co-ReSyF by Terradue, one needs to have a Co-ReSyF user account, along with the proper access rights granted.

How to get a Co-ReSyF user account ?

During the initial phase of the Co-ReSyF initiative, user accounts are allocated to selected user project proposals. The process to select a user proposal is defined by the Co-ReSyF Early Adopters Programme.

A first group of early adopters was on-boarded on Co-ReSyF during early summer 2017. You can read about it on the Co-ReSyF Portal: Summer School 2017 | Lisbon. Other opportunities will be opened, and if you are interested with getting involved, you can submit your project proposal from the contact page on the Co-ReSyF portal, or directly via email to info at with your application proposal as attachment.

Candidates are informed by email on their proposal reviews outcomes, and the selected ones also receive the credentials associated to their user account, created for them on the Co-ReSyF user management service.

How to start working with a Co-ReSyF user account

It shouldn’t take you more than 3 minutes:

  1. Activate your Co-ReSyF session: for this, sign-in with your Co-ReSyF credentials (provided to you upon proposal selection, cf. above) on the user management service. Co-ReSyF is now your Identity Provider for accessing other Platform services.

  1. Register on Terradue Cloud Platform with your Co-ReSyF session active: for this, sign-up with Co-ReSyF on the Terradue Portal by clicking a first time on the “Sign-in with Co-ReSyF” button.

  1. Allow Terradue’s request for the registration of your Co-ReSyF account. For this, click on the “Allow” button.

  1. From your mailbox, check the email sent by Terradue Support, click on the provided link that will re-open the Terradue sign-in page, and click again on the button “Sign-in with Co-ReSyF”. This will validate your new authentication mode.

after that, you can access all the Co-ReSyF Platform services by using your Co-ReSyF account. Hereafter, we provide you with the list of the Platform services endpoints.

Accessing the Co-ReSyF Platform services with your Co-ReSyF account

To start a work session on the Platform, always start with an active Co-ReSyF session:

You can now access the following Platform services:

There is also a Co-ReSyF YouTube channel, with video tutorials to help new users ! Here is the one related to Logging into the Co-ReSyF Platform. You are welcome!