How to use the Orfeo Toolbox in a Workflows application


Orfeo ToolBox (OTB) is an open-source C++ library for remote sensing images processing, distributed under the CeCILL-v2 license. It has been initiated and funded by CNES (French space agency) in the frame of a program named ORFEO to prepare, accompany and promote the use and the exploitation of the images derived from Pléiades satellites (PHR).

Orfeo ToolBox aims at enabling large images processing and is shipped with a set of extensible ready-to-use tools for classical remote sensing tasks for a myriad of EO missions’ data.

There are a few steps to follow in order to use OTB in a Workflows application:

  1. Install the OTB 
  2. Configure the environment variables
  3. Test the installation

Installing OTB

To install OTB, run the simple step below on your Sandbox shell:

sudo yum install -y OTB

Configuring the environment

OTB needs to source a configuration file. This is done with:

. /etc/profile.d/

Test the installation

From your Sandbox shell, type:

otbcli_BandMath -h

This will print the otbcli_BandMath command line utility help information