CEOS WGDisasters Geohazards Pilots: seismic hazards and volcanoes

At the 27th Plenary meeting of the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS), CEOS created a new WGDisasters to coordinate all CEOS activity relating to disasters. The Group also leads three thematic disaster risk management pilots on floods, seismic hazards and volcanoes, and will oversee the creation of a Recovery Observatory. The Satellite EO for Geohazards Portal, developed by ESA, will be the main entry point for seismic users interested in the CEOS pilots. This portal provides access to large volumes of data for users involved in large-scale processing, for strain measurement for example, or for terrain deformation around faults and volcanoes. The Portal provides access to the a Thematic Exploitation Platform on Geohazards (the Geohazards TEP) that serves as a means to support the use of satellite EO for geohazards. ESA is preparing other EO based TEPs for themes such as hydrology & flood hazards for instance. These TEPs aim to facilitate access to large data sets and federate communities of users around common goals, promoting shared science objectives and better use of satellite EO.