Discover data available in the catalogue

Looking for indices

To find out the indices available in the catalogue, you can query the description endpoint specifying the identifier property:

opensearch-client "" identifier

the complete list of the indices will be listed
The corresponding in-browser query URL is:


In the first case the response will be given in json format while in the second one the result will be an atom feed xml format.

It is worth to observe few things:

  • the default number of items per page is currently set to 20 as well as the default number of items returned by opensearch-client. Use the pagination parameters to view further results.
  • the opensearch-client tool allows you to specify one or more metadata properties in order to have an easy-to-read response (i.e. identifier keyword). The in-browser search gives back the whole document.
  • the above query do not take your identification into account. Maybe some restricted data collection are only available when you do an authenticated request.

More information on data discovery on the Data API documentation.