Ellip Studio user guides

Ellip Studio is the flagship IDE for Explorer users, who are using Ellip to build scalable EO data processing services.

Ellip Studio implements the OGC Best Practice for Earth Observation Application Package, a set of recommendations for application design patterns, package encoding, container and data interfaces for data stage-in and stage-out, targeting the implementation, packaging and deployment of EO Applications in support of collaborative work processes between application developers and platform owners.

  • Ellip Studio is part of the Ellip v2 release 2.0 from January 2022

  • Ellip Studio is taking over, from March 2022 onwards, the now deprecated Ellip Workflows solution

How-to advices

To access Ellip Studio, you need a user account on Terradue Cloud Platform associated to an active subscription.

You can register a user account (sign-up) on Terradue Portal if you do not have one yet.

Contact us by emailing to ellip at terradue.com for requesting information about subscriptions.

Demo tutorials

Ellip Studio Tutorial - Introduction - PDF

Ellip Studio Tutorial I - Install and Run an existing Python Project Application (30 min) - GDoc

Ellip Studio Tutorial II - Clone a Git repo and build an Application Package (30 min) - GDoc

Ellip Studio Tutorial III - Benchmark an Application Package (30 min)- GDoc

Ellip Studio Tutorial IV - Validate an Application Package for TTO (15 min) - GDoc

Reference manuals

Setup of a software project template for my Python application - GDoc