ESC session: Active deformation in Western Greece

Invitation reposted on behalf of Simon Bufferal, ENS

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I’m thrilled to invite you to explore the dynamics of deformation transfers across rifting, strike-slip, and subduction zones in Western Greece during the upcoming ESC!

As you know, this region is not only one of Europe’s most rapidly deforming tectonic areas, but also one of the best-monitored. And yet, many questions about its fault linkage patterns and its rheological and mechanical behaviors still remain unanswered…

So to try and better understand these processes, we would love for you to join our session! We welcome contributions on a wide range of topics including stress fields, deformation fields, seismic and tsunamigenic hazards, fault mechanics, structural imaging, geophysics, seismicity, and tectonics. We are particularly open to ongoing work, students’ projects and tentative hypotheses – this is a great opportunity to engage in constructive and benevolent discussions with fellow enthusiasts of Western Greece’s geodynamics!

Please feel free to check out session 44 (link below), submit your abstract (before Monday 22nd April 2024 !), and meet us in the nice setting of Corfu!

Looking forward to your participation and insights.