GEP @ FRINGE 2023 - Many contributions

Many high-level talks and posters are presented at FRINGE 2023 for projects making extensive use of the GEP services.

Polcari and Tolomei (INGV) use P-SBAS to document the pre-crisis phase of the 2023 Turkey-Syria earthquakes.

Orlandi and co-authors (Univ. of Pisa) combine P-SBAS and PSI techniques from GEP to improve the spatial coverage of InSAR velocity maps and analyze the subsidence rates of the Carpi town in Emilia-Romagna (Italy).

Kebede and co-authors (Univ. of Pisa) investigate the temporal and spatial characteristics of the deformation signal of the Tulu Moye Volcanic Complex (Ethiopia) using GEP InSAR services together with models.

Foumelis and co-authors (AUTh) present a a nationwide Sentinel-1 PSI Surface Motion for Greece using the SNAPPING service accessible on the GEP

Déprez and Provost explain the functionality and application of the new TimeSAT service, accessible on GEP, for classifying ground motion patterns from massive satellite-derived motion products.

Cigna and Tapete (CNR and ASI) present an analysis of a quasi-continental Sentinel-1 P-SBAS coverage of Mexico to monitor subsidence and aquifer-system storage loss.

Moualla and co-authors (Univ. of Padova) present their methods to identify ground motion from P-SBAS time series using AI.

Panagioitis and co-authors (NoA) present the Corinth Rift Near Fault Observatory and its relation to GEP for InSAR products validation and benchmarking

Stay tuned for further information.