Hands-on GEP, 31 March 2017, Harokopio University


Firstly, i would like to thank you for the excellent presentation at 31,March 2017 in Harokopio University.

In order to see and download quick look results , which are the steps to setup VPN ?

Warm Regards,

M.Stefouli & P. Krassakis


Hello Pavlos,

Access to VPN is normally used for service developers to access their sandbox for integrating workflows. A temporary access is granted for CRL users to view results until the portal enables the results visualisation without VPN access.
You can follow this guide to enable your VPN connection: http://docs.terradue.com/developer-sandbox/start/laboratory/index.html?highlight=vpn#install-your-openvpn-client

When the functionality for viewing the results in the portal without VPN will be enabled, your VPN access will be automatically disabled.