How space technology can support hazard and risk mapping in Indonesia

Last November, INDRA has joined the GEP Early Adopters Programme, in order to perform EO Data Exploitation activities, with the aim to deliver feedback and improved awareness about the GEP capabilities. Performed as part of the EO4SD DRR project (‘Earth Observation for Sustainable Development – Disaster Risk Reduction’), such activities on GEP correspond to a foreseen period of use at least up to 2021.

The resulting communication on the GEP capabilities is primarily addressing the government stakeholders and state users who are part of the EO4SD DRR project. It is performed by INDRA as part of the project’s own communication activities, and with support from the CEOS Geohazards Lab, in particular BRGM as scientific advisor for the use of GEP.

The emphasis is put on the presentation of the already proven GEP processing services and of the available results shared on the Platform by the Geohazards community. This includes communications on the practical tasks related to the discovery of processing services and their generated results, for dissemination among stakeholders and users, in order to raise awareness on the availability of Geohazards services and data products applicable for their day-to-day activities.

Last June, an EO4SD workshop was held in Jakarta, with a GEP training course session, addressing the staff of local and regional organisations involved in Disaster Risk Management and Reduction. The course content included an introduction to on-demand conventional and advanced Terrain Motion services of the Geohazards Exploitation Platform based on radar and optical data.

EO4SD results shared on GEP: Planetek’s Rheticus Displacement Monitoring over Palu, Indonesia

Today, a communication related to major EO4SD milestone achievements was issued on the ESA website.
It presents different perspectives on the use of GEP in the context of the recovery efforts that are coordinated with local authorities and relief organisations, following the 7.5 magnitude earthquake which struck the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, on September 28th, 2018.

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