IGN InSAR training on ground deformation (Dec. 2020)

InSAR training on ground deformation (December 2020) by National Geographic Institute of Spain (IGN)

Although InSAR techniques have experienced an unprecedented development in the last years, there is a large community of potential users in Spain still lacking awareness of SAR ability to map ground deformations.

Dissemination of InSAR capabilities was a central target of the 3-days training course called “Techniques to monitor deformation with InSAR” developed as part of the IGN-CNIG Inter-administrative Training Plan and aimed at an audience of fourteen technical employees of public entities that develop functions related to the scope of IGN activity.

Course materials included the use of the Geohazards Exploitation Platform (GEP) by processing selected cases with services such as DIAPASON, FASTVEL and P-SBAS which were easily accessible on GEP by the training course audience through an app specifically setup in support of the course by Terradue (GEP operator). Deformation results applied both to geological risks and infrastructure monitoring drew a general picture of InSAR potential to be applied in sectors such as civil engineering, energy sector, geohazards or mining.

The use of GEP during this course was possible thanks to the ESA Network of Resources (NoR) Sponsorship Call, through the accepted proposal “GEP services to improve the Volcanic Monitoring System at Instituto Geográfico Nacional (Spain)”. This project is aimed to monitor deformations in volcanic regions, mainly in the Canarian Archipelago and Deception Island, to reinforce the current volcanic monitoring system operated by the Central Geophysical Observatory (IGN).

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