Integrating my Research Application in Co-ReSyF

The Co-ReSyF project builds on top of Terradue Cloud Platform (Ellip). Ellip is a collaborative workspace for practitioners to create value-added services on top of Earth Observations data repositories. The Co-ReSyF Platform instantiates a dedicated Ellip domain, and connects domain-specific tools and services on top of it.

The Co-ReSyF community has already on-boarded developers of Coastal Research Applications (Bathymetry determination from SAR Images, bathymetry, benthic habitat classification and water quality from optical sensors, vessel and oil spill detection, time-series processing for hyper-temporal optical data analysis, ocean coastal altimetry, …). Each developer of a Research Application is integrating its data processing application on the Cloud Platform (also by reusing data processing modules from the Co-ReSyF toolkit), and after validation, is connecting it to the Co-ReSyF Geoportal, in order to make it available for other researchers to use it in their work.

Application developers can access two complementary solutions, hosted on the Co-ReSyF Platform for their application integration, validation and deployment:

Do you have a processing component that you want to use in the platform or share with other users? Do you want to develop your own satellite product processing chain from components already available on the Co-ReSyF platform? Do you want to adapt an already existing application?

You can use one or the other of these solutions in order to join the Co-ReSyF initiative as an application provider.