Interferograms processed by the DLR's High Resolution InSAR browse depict deformations after the November 12, 2017 M 7.3 earthquake at the Iran-Iraq border

The November 12, 2017 M 7.3 earthquake struck near the Iran-Iraq border in northwest Iran (220 km northeast of Baghdad, Iraq), killing more than 400 people and injuring thousands more.
A few days after the earthquake the DLR High Resolution InSAR browse has processed 5 interferometric pairs of Sentinel-1 products depicting ground deformations for the area affected by the earthquake.
The processed dataset consists of 3 interferometric image pairs of Sentinel-1 from ascending and 2 pairs from descending orbit. Deformation along the radar line-of-sight appears in interferograms as a cyclic series of fringes where each fringe corresponds to the deformation of 2.8 cm for Sentinel-1.
Interferograms associated to this event have been made publicly available on GEP in high resolution InSAR browse with 25m pixel spacing and resolution of 50m.

Very nice to obtain a collection of 5 interferograms produced in an automated way using DLR’s processor! The 100m res. chain is publicly available and this 50m chain is for registered users but for this event the 5 results have been made public.