Is the WPS services not available?

I want to do a task in an area of South America, but I see that there is no option to start the process.The platform is not working?

Unable to load shared content

Unable to load wps services.


thank you for your interest for the Geohazards Exploitation Platform (

A newly created account provides you with a GEP “Visitor" entry level by default, with basic access to the Geobrowser v2 functionality of the Portal, to search EO resources and community shared publications, data products, and public processing jobs with their result files.

In order to access processing services on GEP, you need to get an upgraded user account, and this is managed under the GEP Early Adopters Programme.

The platform offers a limited number of seats as part of this programme, and we are glad to evaluate the possibility to work with you as a GEP early adopter. In particular, we have to consider the match between your exploitation needs and the current provisioning of resources on GEP.

You can refer to the section “Guidance to apply” at the end of this page:!early_adopters