New GEP service from CNR IREA - SBAS Sentinel-1 Surveillance service for ground deformation monitoring

The SBAS Sentinel-1 Surveillance, a service for ground deformation monitoring, has been integrated by CNR IREA into the GEP and is part of the Services Catalogue of the recently released GEP v2.

The service consists on the systematic and automatic processing of Sentinel-1 data on selected Areas of Interest (AoI) to generate updated surface displacement time series via the P-SBAS-InSAR algorithm.

The service is automatically triggered by every new Sentinel-1 acquisition over the AoI, once it is available on the catalogue. Then, tacking benefit from the SBAS results generated by previous runs of the service, the system processes the new acquisitions only, thus saving storage space and computing time and finally generating an updated SBAS time series.

The service is now operative to monitor the Neapolitan Volcanoes, and will be extended to cover other active volcanoes in Italy. An example of the service results is provided in the Figure below.

The same P-SBAS processor underlying the Surveillance service will be soon available for on-demand processing through the GEP and will be gradually open to expert users, thus allowing users to generate S-1 SBAS time series on areas not covered by the Surveillance service itself.

A limited number of licenses is initially available for the usage of S-1 SBAS.
User requests for accessing the service will be evaluated by ESA and CNR IREA.
You can contact us by replying to this topic, or by emailing to the ‘contact’ link here

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Would you please consider me as tester of this new service?

Dear Mohammad,

we are glad to consider your application.
Your request for accessing the service will be evaluated by ESA and CNR IREA, and we’ll come back to you on your Support space with the outcome.

Kind regards,

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Dear Hervé,
I would like to know more about this new service.
Could you please tell me where can I apply to be considered as a tester?
Kind regards.

Dear Romina,
you can apply and submit your work proposal following the guidance here:!pages/community
(cf. last section “Guidance to apply”)
Best regards

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