New GEP service from CNRS EOST - DSM-OPT for the generation of surface models from Pléiades satellite data

You need a high resolution surface model to analyse the traces of a fault rupture, to calculate the elevation differences (depletion, accumulation) following a large landslide, to estimate the volume of lava flows on volcanoes and estimate effusive rates, or integrate an accurate topography in InSAR processing? The new GEP service DSM-OPT from CNRS-EOST is for you! This service allows the generation of digital surface models (DSMs) and the respective ortho-images from stereo- and tri-stereo Pléiades images using the MicMac open source library.
An example of the service results using stereo-images over the complex urban landscape of Strasbourg is presented below, and is also posted here.

The service is now operative after testing on a series of images, but still need to be qualified on more images … The service will be gradually improved with other functionalities and other satellite sensors with stereo-photogrammetric capabilities. Currently, only Pléiades images are supported, for which a license needs to be signed.

User requests for accessing the service are evaluated by ESA and CNRS-EOST. You can contact us by replying to this topic, or by emailing to the GEP contact or the service maintainer.