News concerning the preparation of the ESA Living Planet Symposium 2025

On behalf of the European Space Agency: the next ESA Living Planet Symposium 2025 will take place in Vienna, Austria, on 23–27 June 2025, and the LPS25 website is now live at and with it, the External call for Peer Reviewed Session is now open until 23 August 2024.

This is the second call in the following schedule:

  1. ESA Internal Call for Peer-Reviewed Session - April/May 24
  2. External Call for Peer-Reviewed Session (to complement the previous call) – July/ August 24
  3. Call for Abstract – October/November 24
  4. Call for Invited Sessions (agoras, networking, etc.) - November 24/January 25

Later in our schedule (point 4 above), ESA will also open the call for Invited sessions, such as sessions with invited speakers, round tables, agoras, networking events, hackathons, demonstrations, tutorials, etc.

Deadline for proposal submission: August 23, 2024 . Feedback about the proposed sessions: second half of September.

To submit session proposals, please go to the main website