Post processing tools made available to screen EO data also allow to make nice images using Sentinel-2

The on-demand Band Combination processing service COMBI provides RGB composites from user defined bands of single or multiple data products from a broad range of EO missions. All bands are in their native format e.g. no radiometric correction is applied thus can serve only for fast screening of the data, not for further processing. We are sharing nice results using time series of Sentinel-2 images of the Copernicus programme. In this example over Lazio, Italy, just click ‘Show Results’ at the bottom right and look at the RGB. Red is showing Band 4 of the most recent image, Green is showing Band 3 of the precedent image and Blue is showing Band 2 of the first acquisition date.

The GEP has many nice results like this including a similar multitemporal composite over Denver, Colorado (below) and those ones. The service is based on the SNAP solution developed by industry for ESA and was integrated by the RSS team. Credits: contains modified Copernicus Sentinel-2 data from 2018 and 2019.