Quick Start of the Platform

Quick Start

To start using the portal please register via the register button. The register button is available in the top right area of the page.

The most important area for you as a newcomer to the platform is Communication Hub. It is accessible via an icon in the middle of the home page as shown in the following image or via ESA Urban TEP

If we already got to your registration, you will be part of the Starter community. Otherwise, you can find the community after writing starter in the search field. To join the community click on the Join button. If you want to join other communities there are public ones that you can join directly by clicking on the Join button, private ones that you can request access to and hidden ones, that you need to be added into by Community Manager.

The community space has three major areas. Useful links on the right side, which will lead you to the key links related to the community. The Top Discussions, which leads you to the area related to the discussions. You can engage in discussion with other users from the community. Community Applications provide you with applications integrated into the TEP Urban portal.

In the Discussions in the Starter community, you will find more information about the usage of the platform. If you are lost and don’t find an answer to your question, write it there and we will help you. In order to be able to pose your questions or comment on another answer, you need first to click on the Log In button in the top right corner of the page.

After Login register to the platform. You will be asked to verify your email once more for the Discussion platform.

To find out all offerings of the platform explore the public communities, go through useful links in the Starter Community and read through the discussion in the starter community and the communities that interest you.

We as a TEP Urban team share featured communities every month. These are the communities that we believe have most to offer to users of the platform.

To see the whole process watch our quick start video on YouTube.

Video Material about Platform

Development of your own processors

In order to Deploy a processor for the TEP Urban infrastructure first Register as Well Known User. The web page to do so is available here: ESA Urban TEP

Once you are registered you can download the Development Environment and based on the instructions available there develop your own processor.