Release of SNAPPING PSI service at Full Sensor Resolution on GEP

The integration of SNAPPING PSI Full service on GEP has been successfully completed following in depth performance and validation analysis. Compared to the SNAPPING PSI Med (medium resolution version) the new service provides Persistent Scatterers Interferometric (PSI) measurements at full sensor resolution.

The service uses the output of the SNAPPING IFG service that generates interferograms from a data stack of Sentinel-1 SLC data of the Copernicus programme. At the same time both SNAPPING IFG and SNAPPING PSI Med have been upgraded for an enhanced user experience following the analysis by the Service Owner of the performance metrics measured with the service in production. Please refer to the online SNAPPING Tutorial for information on release notes and step-by-step processing instructions.

Augmenting the SNAPPING capability with a full resolution version of the service provides the ability to perform detailed analysis useful to various geohazards applications for which higher density of measurements is required.

SNAPPING services are currently undergoing a final verification with selected scientists from academia and several mandated organizations of the geoscience sector. They will soon be open to the GEP community under the dedicated Thematic App. The goal is to offer robust interferometric services for research and operational activities.

Sentinel-1 average LoS motion rates over the western part of Thessaloniki (Greece) using GEP SNAPPING PSI at Medium (top) and Full (bottom) resolution. A total number of 2535 and 64860 point measurements were obtained (view extent) for PSI Med and PSI Full, respectively. Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel-1 mission data (2015-2021) processed by AUTh.

If you are interested in using this new service, please contact us at <>.

Well done Terradue and AUTh. This should provide benefits to user communities and help better understand geohazards.

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