Report of the User Consultation on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) & new satellite EO methods

On 27 th November 2015 ESA hosted a User Consultation on Disaster Risk Reduction using new satellite EO methods jointly organised by e-GEOS and ALTAMIRA INFORMATION in the framework of the General Studies Programme (GSP) led by the European Space Agency. These studies are looking at new Earth Observation (EO) methods &  new ICT technologies to improve the understanding and management of natural hazards.

The primary objectives of the event were to better understand geo-information requirements about Disaster Risk Reduction, share ideas about new methods and new underlying technologies to exploit satellite EO for hazard and risk mapping and identify issues for which innovative techniques could be tried in the themes: landslides, earthquakes, flooding & volcanoes.

A total number of more than 40 participants belonging to more than 20 different public or private organizations from 10 different countries and staff from international organisations such as the United Nations joined the event and actively contributed to the working sessions. 

As described in the report, attendees were invited to submit ideas for innovation-oriented trial cases to be conducted on the GEP this year; users from the DRM community are welcome to make propositions not later than 25 January 2016.

The report of the User Consultation is available at: otherwise contact one of the following:

  • fifame.koudogbo @
  • domenico.grandoni @