Results successfully finished but not visible

Dear all,

I keep getting this error when I click on “show results”, even though my jobs are reported as successully completed.

I checked the data and repreated the jobs but it happens throughout various different algorithms. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong?

These are some of the Jobs that are affected:
16852715-659c-4773-b617-3708fc345a62 (GMTSAR)
1f334796-cc38-453c-9cef-54f4842893cf (COIN)
854ba4c7-a174-4b81-9acb-c6f587bf045c (DIAPASON)
cfeb7031-5dda-420d-893e-56705b28e363 (DIAPASON)
1b70982b-c052-4753-9a85-a4fe2a2ce18c (GMTSAR)
3d4def96-55e2-4ab9-a175-d17f07f0d065 (COIN)

Is there any work-around to see or download the results?

Dear Andreas,
as part of the GEP v2 release on July 16th you were added to the following Public Communities on the GEP:

  • Seismic Hazards
  • Volcanic Hazards
  • Detection and measurement of horizontal ground deformation

You can double check the Communities you are member of from here:!communities

With the GEP v2 release, communities are your primary collaborative workplaces to access Thematic Apps and their processing services.

You can double check your access to the related Thematic Apps from this GEP Portal page:!thematic

Note: the Geobrowser v2 App is now dedicated to Visitor users, but that you can also access it, and provides only discovery services over public data collections and public jobs results.

In order to complete the migration process, we need however a few actions from you!

Your Terradue account (Terradue | Advancing Earth Science Collaboratively) has been linked to your GEP account, and will provide you with a private storage and catalogue index on the Terradue platform once you will have completed the steps indicated below.

We need you to create on your account the following items:
API key (Terradue | Advancing Earth Science Collaboratively)
catalog index (Terradue | Advancing Earth Science Collaboratively)
private storage (Terradue | Advancing Earth Science Collaboratively)

Once this is done, all results created from jobs processed on the GEP will be available on your private storage for visualization and download (without the need of the VPN).
Please inform the team at when done and we will also recover results of your past jobs.


Dear Fabrizio,
thank you for your clarifying answer. I already joined the three communities but wasn’t aware that I had to activate these settings after the release of GEP v2.
I created the API, catalogue and the private storage and will try again.


Edit: I just want to confirm that the issue has been resolved. Thank you very much.

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