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Global Products Generation

One of the advantages of the TEP Urban platform is its capabilities with respect to the generation of global products. This was already demonstrated by generating TimeScan products for every 5 years from 2000 to 2015 and generation of Global Urban Footprint. We can also support you in the generation of your own products globally.

Currently available products

  • Urban Settlement Mask
  • TimeScan Product

If you are interested let Jakub Balhar ( know.

Sustainable Development Goals

To learn more about what can TEP Urban provide with respect to the Sustainable Development Goals join the Sustainable Development Goals Community.

Goal 11.3.1

The demonstration application is publicly available via VISAT Application. The demonstration is limited to selected countries. If you are interested in preparation for other countries let Katerina Jupova ( know.

Gisat s.r.o.

To learn more about what can Gisat provide via the TEP Urban platform join the Gisat community.

Land Use / Land Cover Analysis

Land Cover / Land Use Monitoring is a base application for many other subsequent environmental assessment and modelling tasks. Landscape cover – a visible layer of the material contents of landscape, identified by means of the physiognomic and morphostructural features of landscape objects – is well registered on Earth observation data, so they are a valuable information source about land cover for different monitoring programmes. More, data on the land cover can be linked to the ones on land use and vice versa. In regional dimension recognition of land cover is close to basic categories of land use corresponding also to basic functional features and spatial organisation of cultural landscape as such. Land cover maps became a suitable basis for further spatial analyses of landscape, decision-making and landscape planning tasks. Also, the use of Earth observation data with various resolution allows the cost-efficient top-down scaling approach to the identification of ‘hotspots’ on global, European, national, regional or local level.

The results from previous mappings for multiple urban areas are already available via VISAT. If you are interested in the preparation of the analysis for a new city let Katerina Jupova ( know.

Preparation of Interactive Web Presentation

If you have a geographical data, that you would like to expose as an interactive web presentation then VISAT may be the tool of choice for you. It brings various interactive visualizations of data. You can either create the presentation yourselves or we can bid you a price and prepare one from your data.

If you are interested let Katerina Jupova ( know.

Urban and Rural Discrimination

The demonstration service allows the users to distribute the different settlements in categories based on the Area of the settlement, The Amount of Population in the Settlement and the number of Tweets in the area. We have demonstrated the approach in ten countries. To see the results join the Sustainable Development Goals community.

If you are interested in the preparation of the application for another country let Katerina Jupova ( know.

System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) Presentation

Currently in development. Expected to be available in the second half of 2019. About SEEA.

If you are interested let Katerina Jupova ( know.


To learn more about the EO4SD join the EO4SD Urban community.

To learn more about the EO4SD Services offering visit EO4SD Services.

To learn more about Climate Fit join the Climate Fit community.

Urban Heat Island Modelling

Prepare an application focusing on your city. The application allows you to change the way the city uses land at the moment and generate the predicted impact on the heat comfort of the citizens. The results are raster maps in 100m resolution showing the Urban Heat Island temperature above rural areas and Heat Stress Index for the citizens.

If you are interested let Katerina Jupova ( know.

Urban Heat Stress

Prepare a visualization for your city. This service generates very detailed maps of Urban Heat Stress for small areas in the resolution of 1m. An example of such visualization is here: Urban Heat Stress Hodonin

If you are interested let Katerina Jupova ( know.

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