The Santorini manifesto from users & practitioners of satellite EO for geohazards

In May 2012, the European Space Agency and the GEO Secretariat convened the International Forum on Satellite EO for Geohazards now known as the Santorini Conference. The event was the continuation of a series of international workshops such as those organized by the Geohazards Theme of the Integrated Global Observing Strategy Partnership. The objectives of the Santorini Conference were to:

Provide a forum for users and providers of the geohazard risk sector to present and discuss the use of EO for risk assessment and management.
Present results from the latest studies in the field, plans for future EO missions, and to assess the state-of-the-art across the spectrum of interests.
Characterise how today’s EO missions can meet geohazard user needs and the requirements for planned EO missions.
Develop a 10-year vision outlining priorities and requirements to further advance the development and exploitation of observations capable of supporting the geohazard risk community.
Provide a forum for scientific exchange and initiate and encourage close collaboration between individual research groups.
The Conference gathered over a 100 users and practioners from around the world, and produced a landmark report that presented the objectives of the geohazard community in relation to satellite EO use for the coming decade. The document provides the result of the assessment and discussions concerning the contribution of satellite EO in the area of geohazard risk management.