Two M6+ earthquakes hit Iran on 14 November 2021

Two strong earthquakes with 6.0 and 6.3 magnitudes struck southern Iran on 14 November 2021, at shallow depths of 5.6 km and 10 km, respectively, with one-minute time lapse. The impact overview as of November 15, records 1 fatality and 89 injured people (source: IFRC).

Iran sits astride several major fault zones and is regularly hit by moderate and strong tremors. In the past, southern Iran records another strong M6.6 earthquake occurred in December 2003, near the city of Bam, causing widespread devastation, while 31,000 people were killed.

Co-seismic terrain motion was measured through GEP DIAPASON DInSAR service using Sentinel-1 images from the descending track 166, acquired before (9 November 2021) and after (21 November 2021) the seismic events. Access to publicly available results here. Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel-1 data (2021), processed by AUTh on GEP.

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