What are the “Ellip Solutions”?

The Ellip Solutions are empowering Earth science practitioners to create value chains in a way that incorporate Earth observation data, as well as to assemble and share their value-adding assets towards their own user communities.

In particular, partner organisations using our collaborative work environment (providing Platform-as-a-Service, or PaaS capabilities) can manage the deployment of EO data processing resources in a distributed, multi-cloud providers environment.

All the value creation (open / paid assets) done by using an “Ellip Solution” can be referenced on the Ellip Exchange, a platform core service that really makes Ellip “a collaborative workplace”.

Terradue started as a European Space Agency (ESA) spin-off in 2006, and developed over the years a common vision for Cloud services co-funded by ESA & EC projects. A constant policy was to drive the evolutions of such Platform services via user engagement and user validation. More recently, acquiring the necessary critical mass, it became possible to create network effects on the Platform, carrying new business opportunities for Terradue and partners. This is overall from where the Ellip solutions come from. It started early 2019 as a beta release opened to existing Platform users, and improving the documentation and Platform integration of our Flagship platform services at that time.

The Ellip Solutions portfolio will evolve over time, adding more Solutions to the Terradue subscription plans. Currently in scope for the Ellip release 1.0 by early 2020 are:

  • Ellip Notebooks: create interactive laboratory notebooks.
  • Ellip Workflows: design scalable processing chains.
  • Ellip Launchpads: select a data processor and deploy it on a given Cloud Provider as a Web Processing Service endpoint.
  • Ellip Infohubs: customize client applications, connect Web Processing Services, manage the community users accessing your ellip-powered services.

So what does a Platform mean nowadays?

First of all a Platform is a lever of Web and Cloud technologies, including robust Application Programming Interfaces (API) for the design, setup and operation of rich ecosystems of computer systems. It is therefore also a business model for value co-creation, and a framework to bring innovation to new or larger communities.

As a workplace to support the exploitation of Earth Observations by value adding partners, Ellip delivers on concepts such as a laboratory to develop algorithms, a launchpad to deploy compute-intensive data processing campaigns, a full suite of enabling technologies to support capacity building efforts, as well as an access to a large community-oriented knowledge base.

Earth Observation Platform

EO data is a unique source of global measurements over decades. When calibrated and combined with other sources, it empowers validation & interpolation models.

Based on a genuine collaboration process supported by the Platform tools and services, Ellip enables a feedback loop of providers & consumers that is pulling the Platform users growth. More providers of pre-processed data layers is driving new demands for structured information, and reciprocally. The growth model is pulled by communities of Producers and Consumers, with each of them being in the capacity to become the producer or the consumer of another Ellip-powered asset.

Integration layers on the Platform are connecting scientists to the Web and Cloud resources empowering their research. These are tailored for Earth Sciences data integration & analysis. This is done in a partnership mindset for interplay between Data Providers, Developers, Integrators and Producers, with dedicated entry points for different types of partners.

Our mission for the next decade!

Ellip is the new Terradue Cloud Platform. A Workplace with APIs fostering partnerships with Providers, Developers, Integrators and Information Producers for rapid prototyping and benchmarking, seamless data access whatever the stage of the application lifecycle, automated data processing, scalable resource management, and facilitated information conveyance.

With Ellip, application builders benefit from fast access to EO data, storage capacity and processing resources, delivered by Cloud-based solutions. As a mean for partners to build and deliver hosted processing services, Ellip conveys a partnership model that empowers scientists/developers to deliver operational services that are providing value added information to their community. As a Platform for e-collaboration and reproducible knowledge, Ellip promotes innovation and improves the partner organisations’ response capacity to their community demands.

The Ellip users can share their findings, streamline their creation of new data products and make these accessible and interoperable. Partners remain the owners of their created assets, and decide how to share these on the platform, for other users to find and reuse for deployment on their preferred Cloud provider (no vendor lock-in), and finally to document their developments as reproducible experiments, including from guiding principles such as FAIR, to make the generated datasets findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable.

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