About the GEP Portal user interface - Q&A category

This category is dedicated to questions and answers about the GEP Portal user interface, including user feedback and user discussions on the usage of the Portal features.

If you’re having an issue with the GEP Portal user interface, and want to learn about how to address it:

  • Look at the existing topics to see if any match your current matter (e.g. “Features Basket”), and check the replies from the community. If you do not find a direct answer in the existing questions or replies, post your specific question under that same Topic.

  • You can also create your own topic, preferably naming it by the Portal feature you need to address (simply make sure to not duplicate an existing Topic, see the point above).

As the GEP user community is growing, more and more GEP users are sharing their experience and expertise with other users. The Operations Support team at Terradue is also providing extra guidance when related to maintenance operations or bug fixes.