Announcement: GEP Webinar #1 on Wide-area subsidence monitoring from space

Terradue and the GEP Scientific Animation Team (SAT) are inviting you to the GEP Webinar #1 on Wide-area subsidence monitoring from space, first of a series of webinars on ground motion services for science and operational applications.

Save the date:
Wednesday 7th December 2022
13:00 – 14:00 CET

This science webinar aims to present terrain motion services, tailored for monitoring land subsidence.

Subsidence is the process of the Earth continental surface moving downward due to natural causes such as tectonics or sediment compaction or due to anthropogenic causes such as water or oil/gas pumping and to mining activity. Detecting and quantifying the magnitude and evolution of subsidence is crucial for risk management in particular concerning critical infrastructures and urban land. Earth Observation techniques such as radar interferometry can help monitor ground motion across time (years) and space (high resolution). European and national EO missions are available with a long term-plan such as with the Copernicus programme of the European Union.

A short introduction to the Geohazards Exploitation Platform (GEP) is scheduled at the start of the event.
Practical and science-driven use cases will be presented by GEP users, followed by a discussion.

Registration is compulsory and can be easily done from the dedicated Eventbrite announcement page:

Registrations will be closed on December 5th EOB.

This online webinar will be held on Zoom.
A link will be provided to registered participants 2 days before the event.

the “GEP Webinar #1” event of December 7th, 2022 is now Sold Out.
There are no more tickets available on the event registration page.
This Webinar will nevertheless be recorded, and a link to that recording will be shared here.


Thank you. Do you plan other webinars than the one on InSAR for wide area subsidence in the near future? I would be interested to register. PhB

Here it is !
Recording of the GEP Webinar #1 event of December 7th, 2022:

Wide-area subsidence monitoring from space

Have a nice & happy end of year !

PS: the next GEP Webinar is scheduled for January 2023. It will be announced soon.