MPIC-OPT-ICE Processing Service on GEP

MPIC-OPT stands for Multiple Pairwise Image Correlation of OPtical image Time-series.
The service allows the processing of optical image pairs for the monitoring of Earth surface deformation.
The service version “MPIC-OPT-ICE” is designed for monitoring glacier and ice sheet persistent motion.

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Dear GEP community,

I wish to generate a time-series (e.g. monthly values) of horizontal surface velocity on glaciers using MPIC-OPT ICE. However, the result I got from a series of Sentinel-2 images was limited to average velocities for the entire image series provided. Is there an option within MPIC-OPT ICE to obtain e.g. monthly glacier velocities and/or individual displacements between images?

Thank you.
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Dear Micheal,

You should be able to see four archives (.tgz) in the output of the MPIC-OPT-ICE service. Please, download the archive ending with “inversion.tgz” (see screenshot below). In this archive, you must find three CSV files for the EW, NS and total magnitude displacement. You will find inside these files the time series of the cumulative displacement and be able to perform your analysis.

Hope this is helpful.

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