ONDA DIAS Products Ordering utility for P-SBAS - Issues resolution

Regarding the P-SBAS Processing jobs, unfortunately the service can be impacted by the unavailability of data online at the DIAS Provider side. Indeed since end-October 2020, Sentinel-1 acquisitions older than one month (even over Europe) are put offline, and require ordering.

As of today, the only option to overcome this issue is to use the “DIAS product order” utility (cf. ONDA DIAS Products Ordering), before launching the P-SBAS job.

Nevertheless, after the products ordering, a processing job might still fail when some input products you ordered through the ONDA DIAS service are not yet effectively online. The DIAS ONDA provider recommended that users consider running the utility several times.

In practice:

  • Run the products ordering service
  • Click on the Show Results button, and check the Results list on the left panel


  • Click on the Products order status
    • The field “Last product time available on” indicates the estimated time after which you are in position to submit the P-SBAS job with all Sentinel-1 inputs available online. The Ordering tool can take up to 100 products as input. It internally manages batch requests of 20 products per hour.

  • Still, when the indicated time of availability is reached, run the products ordering service another time for a sanity check (simply using the button “Resubmit job”), to verify that the full order has been actually served.
    • Check the field “Number of orders submitted”. You should get “0” or else a number reflecting a new batch request done from your initial inputs list.
    • If no new orders have been made, then it means that the full set of input data is fully available online.
    • Please double check the “points to consider” (orders per hour, online availability window) in our post ONDA DIAS Products Ordering

Note: before you launch the P-SBAS service, you can also verify if all the requested input products are online by downloading the .csv file result delivered by the ONDA DIAS service.

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Show Results button
  • Click on the Download button and choose the Product file (csv)
  • Open the file and verify the column eta(UTC) to check at what time the products have been or will be put online.

When all the products are effectively online, return to the P-SBAS service and perform the usual inputs and parameters settings:

  • Select the references of the Sentinel-1 previously ordered 1, and use it as input products
  • Fill the other parameters of the service
  • Run a new P-SBAS job

Tip:1 to speed up the process, you can create right away after your catalogue search a Data Package with all the Sentinel-1 references that you want to use as input products (this is usable for both the ONDA DIAS ordering service and the P-SBAS processing service). This will ensure consistency between your products orders and your processing job input list. You can learn more about managing Data Packages from the following documentation sections:

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Service availability notice

The OVHcloud infrastructure fire incident on Wednesday 10th March 2021 in Strasbourg is impacting all the ONDA DIAS services & in particular the hosting of our Geohazards-TEP P-SBAS Sentinel-1 processing on-demand service.

All teams are working to restore the services in the shortest possible time.

Incident status: https://www.ovh.ie/news/press/cpl1786.fire-our-strasbourg-site