Visit us at the 6th World Landslide Forum in Florence, Italy

Terradue, the GEP Service Providers and the ESA Scientific Animation Team (SAT) are inviting you to join us at the GEP booth during the 6th World Landslide Forum (WLF) in Florence (14-17 November 2023), and get expert insights about the GEP ground motion services for science and operational applications.

Detecting and quantifying the magnitude and evolution of landslides ground motion is crucial for risk management, in particular concerning critical infrastructures and urban land.

Earth Observation (EO) techniques such as image matching or radar interferometry can help monitor ground motion across time (years) and space (high resolution). European and national EO missions are available for this, with long-term planning such as the case with the Copernicus programme of the European Union.

As an introduction to our solutions, you can have a look at the GEP digital flyers about how to use the platform and subscribe to Software-as-a-Service solutions, as well as how to monitor ground deformation over time using optical sensor time series or SAR sensor time series.

Practical and science-driven use cases will be presented at the booth, and can be extended by peer-to-peer discussions.

Scheduled demos at the booth will cover:

  • Tuesday 14th
    at 16:00 - Overview of the Geohazards Exploitation Platform (GEP) workspaces, and capabilities for time series dynamic visualisation and analysis
  • Wednesday 15th
    at 10:30 - Processing service GDM-OPT-SLIDE for ground deformation monitoring using optical sensor time series
    at 13:30 - Digital Twin of Alps (DTA)
    at 16:00 - Processing service SNAPPING for ground deformation monitoring using SAR sensor time series
  • Thursday 16th
    at 10:30 - Processing service ALADIM-HR and ALADIM-VHR for landslide detection
    at 13:30 - Digital Twin of Alps (DTA)
    at 16:30 - Processing service TimeSAT landslide pattern identification
  • Friday 17th
    at 10:30 - Digital Twin of Alps (DTA)
    at 14:00 - Processing service Flow-R for landslide propagation

And of course, we’ll be glad to arrange dedicated demos to visitors passing by at our booth !

Our presence at WLF6 is sponsored by the European Space Agency (ESA), and we’ll share the booth with our dear colleagues Jean-Philippe Malet, Floriane Provost,Thierry Oppikofer, Lucía Guardamino and Maxim Lamare from the Digital Twin of Alps (DTA), ESA’s Regional Initiative 3, to which GEP is contributing EO data processing services.

Looking forward to seeing you there !

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