ONDA DIAS Products Ordering utility for the CNR IREA P-SBAS Sentinel-1 processing service

Due to a recent change of policy at our main data providers (i.e. the Copernicus Open Access Hub, ONDA DIAS, and CREODIAS), Sentinel-1 acquisitions older than a few months have been put offline (i.e. in long term archives) and are no longer directly downloadable by the GEP processing services requiring an ordering step that can take from a few hours to one day before being accessible.

This is particularly affecting the CNR IREA P-SBAS Sentinel-1 service that takes large stacks of Sentinel-1 data as input also ranging several years in the past.

To mitigate this issue we have recently made available a new utility, “DIAS product Order”, allowing the user to order products to the ONDA DIAS before running the P-SBAS service. It is available in the same thematic app of CNR IREA P-SBAS Sentinel-1 service (https://geohazards-tep.eu/geobrowser/?id=cnrirea#!).

The usage is very simple: you just have to give as input to this utility the same Sentinel-1 stack that you want to process with P-SBAS and then run it. It does the ordering of the specified products and reports in the utility result the number of orders submitted (for offline input products ) and the estimated time of availability of the latest ordered product. I.e. you can safely submit P-SBAS after that time. You can also download the utility result file in CSV format to get the details of the order.

There are a few points to consider:

  1. The DIAS provider allows only the performing of 20 orders per hour. The “DIAS product order” utility handles this internally by waiting the next hour when the threshold is surpassed but this makes the run time long in some cases. The DIAS provider recommends anyway to split the order into small chunks.
  2. Once the ordered data is moved online, it remains available for about 24 hours so do not wait too long for submitting P-SBAS after ordering.

Please note that this is a mitigation action and we are working to provide soon a solution that is transparent to users and with guaranteed service levels. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further clarifications. Here below are provided more details about the utility usage.

Note: this utility is only usable for the CNR IREA P-SBAS Sentinel-1 processing service


This service allows submitting an order to the ONDA DIAS for making available online Sentinel products that are stored in the ONDA Cloud Archive. Each service covers a specific area of the World.

Select the processing service

  • Login to the platform
  • Select one of the processing service “DIAS Product Order” utilities according to your AOI

The “DIAS product order” panel is displayed with parameters values to be filled in

  • Select the Sentinel-1 stack that you want to process with the P-SBAS service

  • Drag and Drop at most 100 items of your stack in the Product Reference field

Run the ordering job

  • Click on the button Run Job and see the Running Job
  • After some time, depending on the number of the input products, see the Successful Job

  • Click on the show results button

The field “Last product time available on” indicates the time after which you can submit the CNR IREA P-SBAS Sentinel-1 service job.

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Well done, a very useful message to the community. I think the order should not stay 24 hours but 1 week, I understand that geohazard community users have specific needs for data processing using large historical datastack.


If the 24h availability expires meanwhile a P-SBAS is running with those images, will the job fail?

Thank you!

Dear Marta,

please have a check at our newly published guidance for issues resolution with the ONDA DIAS Products Ordering utility, here:

Best regards

Service availability notice

The OVHcloud infrastructure fire incident on Wednesday 10th March 2021 in Strasbourg is impacting all the ONDA DIAS services & in particular the hosting of our Geohazards-TEP P-SBAS Sentinel-1 processing on-demand service.

All teams are working to restore the services in the shortest possible time.

Incident status: https://www.ovh.ie/news/press/cpl1786.fire-our-strasbourg-site