The GEP Early Adopters Programme - A state of play

The European Space Agency (ESA) is funding the development of the Geohazards Exploitation Platform or ‘GEP’ ( and has accommodated a pre-operations phase for a set of users referred to as “Early Adopters”.

A GEP Early Adopter user is able to integrate new software in order to create a processing service, and/or exploit processing services already available on the platform to generate data products.
The following canonical scenarios are available:
GEP Scenario 1 – EO Data Exploitation
GEP Scenario 2 – New EO Service Development
GEP Scenario 3 – New EO Product Development

Moreover, GEP is a collaborative platform, so it is possible for any initiator of these scenario 1/2/3 activities to control their way to engage with other users on the Platform, in order to share and to promote the exploitation of their generated assets and/or results.

You can select the GEP communities you want to interact with. There are some publicly accessible communities, and there are some private communities that can be joined upon invitation only.

Finally, the GEP portal structures that are embedding a user access to processing services are presented in these two chapters of the GEP documentation:

Before joining the programme

A login on the Geohazards Exploitation Platform with your ESA Operational SSO account currently provides you with a GEP “Visitor" entry level by default: this gives you basic access to the Geobrowser v2 functionality of the Portal, to search for EO resources and publicly shared publications, data products, and processing jobs with their result files.

This same logic applies within the Communities that you have joined while still having a GEP “Visitor” account: their “Thematic Apps” will give you basic access to functionalities to search for EO resources and publicly shared publications, data products, and processing jobs with their result files, within that community.

Note: if you do not have yet an ESA Operational SSO account, you can create one here:

With that login, you can have a look at the GEP services you are currently subscribed to, and check our guidance about account upgrades on your “Application scenario” page, from these links (accessible when signed-in of course):

Now, to access processing services on GEP, you need to get an upgraded user account, and this is managed under the GEP Early Adopters Programme.

Screenshot: GEP user profile area (when signed-in) with “Application scenario” guidance to request account upgrade

The platform offers since mid-2015 a number of user seats as part of this programme, and we are glad to evaluate the possibility to work with you as a GEP early adopter. In particular, we have to consider the match between your exploitation needs and the current provisioning of resources on GEP.

Guidance to apply

We are primarily seeking for research applications that can accompany the evolutions of the Platform. Therefore we mainly promote activity work plans covering several months, also with sharable outcomes.

Notably, as part of the GEP Early Adopters Programme, users are committing to contribute progress updates on their User Registration Form (URF) activities, and to share and promote results generated on the Platform.

This implies to:

  • share with ESA and Terradue a detailed activity planning with tentative milestones
  • produce and share results on the GEP
  • produce presentations / publications about the work carried out on GEP

In order to submit your work proposal to GEP, please consider sending a candidate application, via the provided User Registration Form (download from here, click on the menu ‘File’ and then click on ‘Download as’), and send it back to geohazards-tep at about joining GEP as an Early Adopter.

We are looking forward hearing from you about nice results and collaborations powered by GEP !

I want to use the cloud processing services of geohazards for Earthquake and volcano monitoring using sentinel-1 and sentinel-2 datasets. I had sent the URF. When can I expect a reply?

The next URF review meeting hasn’t been scheduled yet. We’ll come back to you as soon as possible.

After 6 years of successful growth, the GEP Early Adopters Programme will be ended during Summer 2020. New opportunities to get access to the GEP Services portfolio are being developed.

As of July 2020, the ESA Network of Resources can be activated for the access to GEP Services.
Read more from here: GEP offer expands to include commercial service packs