Announcing the Launch of the AI/ML Enhancement Project for GEP and Urban TEP Exploitation Platforms

We are excited to announce the launch of a new project aimed at augmenting the capabilities of two Ellip-powered Exploitation platforms, the Geohazards Exploitation Platform (GEP) and the Urban Thematic Exploitation Platform (U-TEP). The project’s primary objective is to seamlessly integrate an AI/ML processing framework into both platforms to enhance their services and empower service providers to develop and deploy AI/ML models for improved geohazards and urban management applications.

Project Overview
The project will focus on integrating a comprehensive AI/ML processing framework that covers the entire machine learning pipeline, including data discovery, training data, model development, deployment, hosting, monitoring, and visualization. A critical aspect of this project will be the integration of MLOps processes into both GEP and Urban TEP platforms’ service offerings, ensuring the smooth operation of AI-driven applications on the platforms.

GEP and Urban TEP Platforms
GEP is designed to support the exploitation of satellite Earth Observations for geohazards, focusing on mapping hazard-prone land surfaces and monitoring terrain deformation. It offers over 25 services for monitoring terrain motion and critical infrastructures, with more than 2500 registered users actively participating in content creation.

Urban TEP aims to provide end-to-end and ready-to-use solutions for a broad spectrum of users to extract unique information and indicators required for urban management and sustainability. It focuses on bridging the gap between the mass data streams and archives of various satellite missions and the information needs of users involved in urban and environmental science, planning, and policy.

Project Partners
The project brings together a strong partnership of experienced organizations, including Terradue, CRIM, Solenix, and Gisat. These partners have a proven track record in various aspects of Thematic Exploitation Platforms, cloud research platforms, AI/ML applications, and EO data analytics.

Expected Outcomes
Upon successful completion, the project will result in the enhancement of both GEP and Urban TEP platforms and their service offerings. The addition of AI/ML capabilities will empower service providers to develop and deploy AI/ML models, ultimately improving their services and delivering added value to their customers. This enhancement will greatly benefit the GEP and Urban TEP platforms by expanding their capabilities and enabling new AI-driven applications for geohazards and urban management.

Discussion Points:

  1. How do you foresee AI/ML capabilities enhancing the services provided by GEP and Urban TEP?
  2. What challenges do you anticipate in integrating AI/ML processing frameworks into existing platforms?
  3. Which use cases do you believe would benefit the most from the addition of AI/ML capabilities in GEP and Urban TEP?

We encourage you to share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences related to the project. Let’s discuss the potential impact and improvements this project can bring to the GEP and Urban TEP platforms and their user communities.

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